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What is a ‘hamam’?
Also known as "Turkish bath" or "Oriental bath". Traditional hammams are traditionally segregated by gender: either separate rooms or times of use for women and men are different. In hotel complexes, it can usually be visited by men and women. On the walls are sinks with hot and cold water, with which you regularly pour over. In the middle of the room is the umbilical (Göbek Tasi). Good information is Wikipedia. A very interesting report on the hammam culture of Istanbul, historical and current, can be found on
What can you expect when you visit the hamam?
The Hamam of the chocolate factory - pleasure only for women

In the Hamam of the Frauenzentrum Schokofabrik e.V., the Turkish Bath for Women, Berliners of different cultural backgrounds as well as Berlin visitors from all over the world have been meeting since 1988 to get to know the pleasant sides of our intercultural metropolis in a relaxed atmosphere. Visitors to the Hamam have access to the other services offered by the Schokofabrik, such as counseling, sports, classes or events on feminist education, as well as information on other women's projects and a wide range of reading material, current press and books.

The hamam culture has its origins in the Orient. Lingering, washing and chatting in the oriental bathrooms is a pleasure far away from hectic and everyday life. The classic hamam visit with the traditionally oriented applications Kese and Sabunlama (full body peeling and soap massage) was further developed in the chocolate factory. In addition to a visit to the hamam with its beautiful tile mosaic on the dome, visitors are offered a Finnish sauna, an infrared heat cabin, relaxing massages, cosmetic treatments, culinary delights and a relaxing stay in comfortable relaxation rooms or in the green courtyard.

At the beginning of their first visit, our visitors receive a detailed introduction, our facilities and the sensible procedure of bathing in our Hamam are explained and questions are answered. You should at least bring or borrow or buy several towels, bathing shoes and care products like soaps and shampoo. Hair dryers are available. Bathing clothes are not necessary in the hamam and are not allowed in the sauna.
What should I bring to the Hamam visit?

Everything necessary can be bought or borrowed in the Hamam.

The needs of our visitors are very different, but the minimum equipment includes: several large towels, bathing shoes and care products (soap or shower gel, shampoo, comb, cosmetics, etc.). Some women like to take a bathrobe, but it is so warm here that a large towel is sufficient as clothing in our relaxation rooms.

Swimwear is not allowed in the hamam, but it is allowed in our sauna according to the sauna rules (for hygienic reasons).

Bathing instructions
Every visitor receives a detailed introduction in our Hamam, in which the rooms are shown, the usual course of the bath is explained and all questions are answered.
The bath always begins in the actual hamam in our basement, which with its 38 - 40° C immediately invites you to feel good. Finely scented essential oils let the senses breathe a sigh of relief. With the "Tas", a vessel filled with water, the women pour water over their bodies. This slowly stimulates the sweat glands until the bathers sweat from all pores. This gently flushes out waste products and toxins, as well as negative thoughts and energies, in a way that is gentle on the circulation. And again and again they douse themselves with the water and rinse away everything from which they have become detached.

On the hot navel stone (Göbek Tas) the visitors feel how their body is flooded with heat. This loosens the muscles and relieves tension.

This sweating cure is followed by the highlight of the visit to the Hamam: Kese and Sabunlama (full body peeling and lather massage). No soap should be used before the Kese by our experts. This traditional form of massage gives a wonderful feeling of external and internal cleansing.

 If the visitor has not booked a Kese, she can wash herself in the hamam with soap, shower gel, hair shampoo etc. right from the beginning and peel her skin or that of her friend. Silk gloves for the Kese are available at the reception.

In between there is variety by visiting the sauna or the infrared heat cabin or the visitor is called to her booked massage or cosmetic treatment. Or the visitor can take a break on a resting lounger, in a cosy corner or enjoy a snack in the salon or in the garden.
Should the hamam visitors shower before or after the hamam bath?
For hygienic reasons, we are now used to taking a shower before visiting a public bath, swimming pool or sauna. Basically this is also very important, so the exposure to germs can or could be reduced.

But the hamam is just the bath where we clean our body. Here it is not only about pure relaxation but also about hygiene. Women wash themselves in the hamam - they like to support each other, for example when peeling. In the hamam, body and hair are cleaned with soap, shampoo, shower gel, etc. 

Therefore, showering is not necessary or even appropriate at the beginning of the hamam bath. And even at the end of the bath, after the women have been busy with the purity of their body and relaxation for several hours, a shower bath is unnecessary or superfluous.
Are pregnant women allowed to visit the Hamam?
Since it is not as warm in the hamam as in a sauna, the visit is generally less strenuous. Pregnancy is therefore no obstacle. It is especially good for pregnant women to take time for themselves and to get in the mood for their new situation. A visit to our hamam, whether alone or with a friend, can be helpful in this respect. Further information about visiting the sauna is also available from the sauna association (Saunabund).

However, we ask pregnant women as well as all visitors not to go to the sauna if they are ill, i.e. with a cold or another contagious disease. In addition to hygiene, the recovery of those affected is also important to us.
What is Kese?
In combination with a silk glove, a full body peeling.
What is Sabunlama?
Sabun is the soap. The relaxing soap massage is called Sabunlama, and is practised after the Kese.
What is a Pestemal?
The pestemal is a checked cloth which can be wrapped around the hips. These may also be used to sit on during your bath in the Hamam so that one does not sit directly on the stoned tiles.
What is Tas?
With this bowl, usually engraved, one pours the water from the Turkish bath gently over the entire body.
What is Ayran?
Ayran is a refreshing drink made from yogurt, salt and water.
Does the hamam offer barrier-free access?
Unfortunately there is no barrier-free access to our Hamam.
Even various planning considerations, for which we have sought expert assistance, have not allowed us to find a way to make our hamam accessible to women who are dependent on a wheelchair.
Unfortunately, even if a woman in a wheelchair were to be able to access the upper salon on the mezzanine floor, the hamam is only accessible via various stairs, steps and narrow doors. Even the size of the bathing room, the actual hamam, is not large enough for a woman in a wheelchair.
Our bathroom has been built into the cellar of a former chocolate factory. Therefore the planning had to be based on existing rooms.
How long are vouchers valid?
Since the reform of the law of obligations in 2002, vouchers become statute-barred within the regular period of three years after issue (§ 195 BGB), calculated from 31 December of the year of issue (§ 199 BGB).


The Hamam adheres to this standard.

That is a really very long time. After this long period we ask you to refrain from requests for an extension.

We would like to point out here that we cannot set the dates ourselves. - In fact, the use of a gift is always the responsibility of the recipient.
How can I make an appointment for a hamam visit?
For all applications please make an appointment by phone:

+49 30 6151464

Of course it is also possible to make an appointment in the Hamam.

This is the only way to provide good advice and to discuss any questions that may arise directly.

When is there an admission restriction?
Unfortunately our Hamam is not always able to cope with the rush of visitors. Therefore, we restrict admission for women who have not booked an application when the hamam gets too crowded. - This is the only way to ensure a relaxing stay!
Are visits by groups possible without booking applications?
Again and again we are asked to accept bookings from groups so that joint visits can be planned more easily. We make this possible now!

Monday to Thursday you can also book a group of 5 to 10 women in advance if our capacity allows it and we receive the invoice amount at least one week in advance by bank transfer.

The binding booking has to be agreed upon in time by e-mail, so that the payment can be received at least one week before the desired date. We only accept cancellations up to 7 days before the booked visit.


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