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Additional offers

In addition to the vouchers, we offer a selection of gift items in the hammam:

Hamam bowls, pestemal, exfoliating gloves, olive oil soaps (various price offers)

As an alternative to a visit to the sauna, we offer a visit to the infrared cabin (30 min / 7, - €). The heat cabin is less stressful for the circulation and has a relaxing effect.

At your hammam visit

During your visit to the Hamam you should bring several towels, possibly a bathrobe, slippers and toiletries. Alternatively, you can also borrow or purchase them from us.

At the first visit each woman gets a detailed explanation (bathing in the hammam, our premises)

A hamam is what is also known as the “Turkish bath,” which emphasizes ritual cleansing with water, rather than ambient steam. It is an enclosed space built out of marble or tiled stone, and typically features architectural elements like a large dome ceiling decorated with small glass windows that filter in natural light. Washbasins for the collection of both warm and cool water are also located along the walls in niches for bathers to use. A large circular ‘navel stone’ (göbek tasi), which radiates heat, is located in the center of the room. Bathers lay upon the stone in order to absorb the warm energy and relax and re-energize.

Most public hamams are separated according to gender with different spaces or opening hours for men and women. Modern hotels often have shared visitation hours. In contrast, the Hamam in the Schokofabrik is open exclusively to women, and its staff is entirely composed of women.

The hamam was widely disseminated throughout the entire Islamic sphere during the rise of the Ottoman Empire. The strict separation of genders traditionally practiced in the Muslim faith played a significant role in its development. Such baths have persisted since Antiquity into the present day in Turkey and the Middle East, as well as in places like Hungary, Spain, and Greece. Today, many former hamams have entirely different functions, like the bath in Thessaloniki, Greece, which is now operated as an event space.

Significantly, the hamam has always served as a center of communication. Social connections played an important role in the traditional hamam; relationships between heads of families and other individuals could be comfortably maintained in a relaxed surrounding (compare with the bride-hamam). The same is true for the our Hamam, The Turkish Bath for Women: Our guests, as well as the women who work here, regularly converse with one another, and this interaction produces a very lively atmosphere. We do ask, however, that guests keep conversations to a minimum in the downstairs relaxation room and especially in the saunas, where absolute tranquility should be maintained.

More detailed information can be found about the hamam tradition online on information sites like Wikipedia. There is also a very informative report on both the history and present practices of the hamam culture in Istanbul at (available in the German language).

Everything you need can be purchased or rented at the Hamam. The individual needs of our visitors can widely vary, but the minimum items needed include: two or three large bath towels, swimming shoes or flip-flops, and toiletries (bar soap or shower gel, shampoo, a comb or hairbrush, cosmetics, etc). Some women also like to bring bathrobes with them, but our Hamam is so warm that often only a large towel or light shawl is necessary for our relaxation rooms.

Wearing bathing suits while showering and bathing does interfere with the bathing process, but it is allowed. However, for hygienic reasons, no clothing or shoes can be worn during use of the saunas.

So that you can relax in the hamam, saunas, or relaxation rooms without having to keep track of time, our personnel will come find you for all treatment appointments. On your first visit to our Hamam, we will give you a full orientation and provide you with a tour of our facilities.

We ask that you contact us over the phone or in person to schedule any appointments so that we can provide you with a personal consultation. We cannot accept appointment requests per email. Hamam treatments are only available in combination with a visit to the Hamam.

Rent the Hamam

If you want the whole hammam for you alone, this is also possible during the regular opening hours!

Mail us your phone number or just ask at the reception! We'll see if your preferred date is possible!


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