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Hygiene concept for the hamam of the Frauenzentrum Schokoladenfabrik e.V.

For the safety of the visitors and employees, this hygiene concept is established and continuously improved as soon as new findings are available. In addition, the current regulation of the Berlin Senate (regulation for the containment of the coronavirus in Berlin) and the house rules apply.

This concept is referred to on the website, in the social media channels and on a notice board at the entrance. It is posted in the Hamam.


  • Capacity Limitation
  • Documentation of personal data
  • Customer access is regulated
  • Wearing a mouth-nose cover
  • The use of individual rooms and auxiliary facilities is limited
  • Further measures Protection of our employees
  • Measures in case of violations
  • Our thanks

1. capacity limitation

The capacity for female visitors is limited to a maximum of 20 women to ensure that the usual spacing rule is observed. This is about 40% of the capacity of the hamam. Due to lack of space during the pandemic, children are not allowed to visit the hamam during regular opening hours, but only during private parties or events.

The safety distance of 1.50 m must always be maintained, except during the times when treatments are performed close to the body.

2. documentation of personal data:

The guests' personal data will be documented by suitable means (online registration or filled out slips of paper).

An online check-in tool is installed ( so that visitors with smartphones can check in more contactlessly. All other attendees fill out a check-in form containing contact information (first and last name, phone number, full address or e-mail address, time of presence).

For a period of four weeks, these data are kept or stored protected from inspection by third parties and handed over to the competent authority on request if it is established that a person was ill, suspected of being ill, suspected of being infected or a leper within the meaning of the German Protection against Infection Act at the time of the visit. After expiry of the retention period, the data will be deleted or destroyed.

3. the customer access is regulated:

Visitors and employees with symptoms of an infection of the respiratory tract or fever have no access. If an impairment of health is only detected after presence in the hamam, the management must be informed. The employee or visitor concerned must stay away from the hamam during any applicable quarantine period.

Check-in at the reception desk is only allowed for one visitor at a time. Two women from one household may be served at the same time, behind the splash guard and wearing a mask. A registered group of guests (maximum number 5, in exceptional cases for group events up to 10 persons per group) may enter together. Each additional customer waits in order to maintain the distance e.g. in front of the entrance door or in the changing room, so that the safety distance is maintained.

For easier compliance and clarification of the distance rule, notices will be placed in front of the entrance and at all critical points.

4. wearing a mouth-nose cover:

The mouth-nose-cover may only be removed in the sauna, in the shower and on a fixed seat or lying down.

The staff members wear a mouth-nose cover during the services close to the body (during the traditional hamam applications Kese and Sabunlama, during the wellness massages and during cosmetic applications) and as soon as the safety distance cannot be safely guaranteed, e.g. when walking through the rooms. A splash guard is installed at the reception to ensure hygiene when checking in and out.

Customers who do not have their own mouth-and-nose protection can obtain one for a fee at the reception desk.   

5. the use of individual rooms and ancillary facilities is limited:

The employees regularly check that the maximum occupancy of individual rooms is not exceeded.

Locker room:

A maximum of three persons may stay in the checkroom incl. WC at the same time, keeping a safe distance and with mouth-nose cover, or a family unit or group, the receptionist controls access.

Cold shower:

Only one woman may take a shower at a time.

WC area:

In the toilet area of the basement (2 toilets, 1 anteroom with 2 washbasins), a maximum of 2 persons may stay at the same time while maintaining a safe distance.


The hamam is a room with several washing areas where visitors wash themselves by pouring fresh water from a basin and cleaning their bodies with soap. Each woman has her own basin.

At the beginning of the visit, a thorough body cleansing with soap in the hamam room is requested to prevent the spread of viruses as far as possible.

Our Hamam (30 m²) is not a steam bath. There is no vaporizer. The room is heated by the normal floor heating as well as the warm stone.

In the hamam room 5 women from different households are allowed to wash at the same time, so that each visitor uses her own niche and thus the distance can be kept. There are five niches, two have 2 basins each. If two women from the same household wash in the hamam at the same time, they may use one of the two niches with two basins each, so that a total of up to 7 women can use the hamam at the same time.

Even if one or at most two of the visitors present lie down on the "hot stones", the safety distance must be maintained.


Our sauna has an area of about 7 m². It is heated to 90 degrees.

No infusions are made.

The empty sauna is ventilated by the service staff for 1/2 minute every full hour - by waving a towel in fresh air.

The sauna may only be entered one after the other and is divided into three seating areas.

A maximum of 4 persons may use the sauna at the same time, if at least 2 women belong to the same household.

Individuals enter and leave the sauna in the order of seat numbering (first seat 1, then seat 2 and then, if applicable, seat 3). This ensures that the distance is always maintained.

Sitting, 3 individuals on seat 1 and 2 and 3 may use the sauna.

Lying down, 2 single persons on place 1 and 2 may use the sauna.

Sauna places 1 and 2 can be used by 2 women from the same household while sitting. They sit close to each other. Place 3 remains unoccupied so that the distance is maintained.

6 Further measures Protection of our employees:

In case of personnel changes, the work table, working devices such as keyboard, mouse, touch screen as well as frequently touched surfaces must be cleaned or disinfected in case of contamination. Protective gloves are to be worn for cleaning and disinfecting the workstations, which are provided.

The employees are provided with reusable mouth-nose covers which are washed after use at a minimum of 60°C in the company. The masseuses and cosmeticians as well as their customers shall wear a mouth-nose cover during application.

Supplementary hygiene measures:

In the entrance area, in the changing rooms, the WCs and in the application rooms, visitors and employees are offered a disinfectant for hand disinfection. Disinfections are carried out regularly and tissues are offered for independent disinfection. Sitting or lying is only allowed on a towel or blanket, which can be borrowed for a fee and is then washed.

Shared treatment facilities such as massage tables are cleaned intensively after each treatment (treatment with disinfectants or soaps).

For reasons of hygiene, visitors are advised to enter the bathing area only with their own clean bathing shoes.

An hourly airing is carried out in all rooms. The ventilation systems are run at a higher power level for at least one minute every hour.

7. measures in case of violations:

In the house rules it is regulated, which measures the personnel can take in case of offences. It is possible to ask the visitor to leave the hamam, the last measure is the closing of the whole hamam for the day. Here, with the help of good communication in an appeal to the bath visitors, it should be made clear that the responsibility and discipline of each individual bath visitor is important when visiting the bath.

8. our thanks:

The Frauenzentrum Schokoladenfabrik e.V. thanks all employees and visitors for their support in implementing this protection and hygiene concept and wishes all visitors a safe and healthy visit to our Hamam. 

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