Welcome to the Hamam of Berlin
The original hamam in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg

Current impact of the pandemic

Our Hamam opens from 20 July 2021!

We have decided on a soft opening with reduced opening hours due to the pandemic:

Tue: 12pm - 5pm / Wed + Fri: 12pm - 10pm / Sat: 3pm - 9pm.

For all treatments, please make an appointment via our website. We do not make reservations for visits to the hammam without an application.

We also publish further information, e.g. when we change the opening hours, via the newsletter and social media channels.


For the time of the pandemic we have created an extended hygiene concept. For the protection of all of us, we limit the number of visitors and ask you to observe the currently valid hygiene rules.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow any exception with regard to the obligation to wear masks, not even in the case of a medically justified declaration of unacceptability.

Visitors who have booked Kese or Sabunlame are asked to bring two masks, as one mask gets wet during use.

The first Hamam in Germany - for woman only

The Turkish bath for women in Berlin, is an area of ​​the Women's Center Chocolate Factory Association in Berlin Kreuzberg. It was opened in 1988 as the first hammam in Germany. 

The hammam is a bath for cleansing and care of body and soul. Relaxation and communication in a pleasantly warm atmosphere are essential elements of hammam culture. 

In the hamam of the chocolate factory, women of various cultural backgrounds work and meet. The visitors of our oriental bath will find relaxation as well as interesting new contacts and impressions - or they talk to their female friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

In our hamam, the Turkish bath for women, Berliners of various cultural backgrounds as well as visitors from all over the world, who want to get to know the pleasant side of the intercultural metropolis Berlin, meet in a relaxed atmosphere. Not infrequently, visitors first find their way to the hamam and thus get to know and appreciate the chocolate factory with its other feminist offerings, such as advice, education and sports.

As a supplement to the visit to the hamam, we offer our visitors a multitude of treatments as well as relaxation in our sauna, in the infrared cabin, in our courtyard or in our cozy rooms. On her first visit, each woman gets a detailed explanation in which she shows the premises, explains the usual course of the bath and answers any questions that arise.


The hammam culture, ...

... that has developed over millennia, has its origins in the Orient. The ancient bathing culture of Greece was further developed by the Romans. The Turkish bathing culture goes back 800 years. The influence of Islam emphasized the social relevance of the Hamam as a communication center. In Central Anatolia and Istanbul are still the beautiful baths in traditional use. But also eg in Spain (Cordoba), Greece and in Hungary beautiful Hamams are to be found.

Lingering, washing and chatting in the oriental bath rooms is a pleasure far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In the hammam body and mind take a bath in the mild warmth and soft light. The hammam is not just about cleansing the body, but a true celebration of the senses: warmth, moisture, foam, scents and touches create a complex work of art in the service of well-being. The Arabic word "hamam" simply means "warm".

Introductory information on Hamam culture is also compiled on this website, eg in the frame on the right side; What is a hammam? And: What should I bring to visit the hammam. Under Worth knowing you will find more detailed information.

Short history of our Hamam for women

The plan to build a hammam for women has existed since the founding of the chocolate factory. The idea was realized to bring together Kreuzberg women of different origins and to create a space of encounter through relaxation in oriental culture already in the 80s. In the fall of 2011, the Frauenzentrum Schokoladenfabrik eV celebrated its 30th anniversary with a celebration lasting several days. 

There are regular guided tours in the hammam for those interested in the cultural context of the Hamam and the history of the chocolate factory.International Women's Day, March 8, is celebrated every year with music and dancing. And every 1st of May, the hammam renounces bathing in favor of a "day of the open door". Then, as an exception, men have the opportunity to visit the hammam and take part in the popular guided tours through the entire women's center.

The hammam provides information about other women's projects, events and other offers for its visitors, while up-to-date journals and a library invite you to read.

Vouchers, on request also for immediate printing, can be purchased online and at the reception.

Appointments and more

Appointments are only possible in person at the reception or by phone.

The receptionist is not online. - It focuses on the organization of the current bathing establishment and on the contact with the visitors present, so that they can feel comfortable and recover with us. 

Appointments can only be arranged for applications. 

Hamam visits without application are always possible during the opening hours. However, we limit the intake regularly in case of overcrowding.Therefore, there is no entitlement to admission if no application has been booked. 

All visitors who have booked applications, of course, have a claim to the visit to the Hamam, as all applications are only bookable in connection with the visit to the Hamam.

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