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Basic cosmetic care 30min

Basic cosmetic care 30min


30 minutes, skin analysis, cleansing, pack

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Information about our Vouchers

You can purchase gift vouchers here. The appointment booking currently only works in German. We are still developing our booking system. We apologise for any inconvenience!

Vouchers can be purchased online and also in the Hamam. When buying online, after payment with Klarna or Paypal, a download link is sent immediately and automatically, so the invoice and voucher are delivered immediately. With bank transfer the dispatch takes a few days. Upon request and for an additional charge, we will also send the voucher as a printout by mail.

Vouchers do not constitute an appointment. However, they can be used for payment when making an appointment. 

All items in the shopping cart are collected on a single voucher. If you would like several individual vouchers, it is recommended that you order and pay for each voucher individually.

For each hamam visit, you can choose between admission for three hours (possibly plus an extension) or for a whole day. In addition, other offers such as treatments or rentals can be booked.

The amount stated on the value vouchers can be used accordingly during the visit to the hamam.

All vouchers are valid for three years. This period is in accordance with the legal regulations. After the expiration of the three years, the voucher will not be renewed. - We ask to refrain from inquiries.

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