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House and bathing regulations

  1. Commitment and purpose 
    The house and bathing regulations are binding for all visitors of the Hamam of the Frauenzentrum Schokoladenfabrik eV. Our hammam is a facility designed to give every visitor the ultimate in relaxation. This home and bathing order should make this possible and also guarantee safety, order and cleanliness. Every visitor of the Hamam recognizes the house and bathing regulations.

  2. Opening, inlet, entry 
    The opening hours of the hammam are set by the management and announced publicly in the entrance area as well as online. The bathing times depend on the dissolved tariffs. If this amount is exceeded, a corresponding amount has to be paid. The end of the bath time corresponds to the time of leaving the house. 
    The management can limit the use and the offer in whole or in part at any time (including summer closure, operational disturbances, renovations, revision). Claims against the operator for this reason are excluded. 
    Unfortunately, our hammam can not be handicapped accessible, since it was created by alterations in the former basement rooms of a chocolate factory and therefore has many stairs and steps. The Hamammitarbeiterinnen support the visitors as much as possible. Visitors who are helpless or in need of supervision because of a severe physical or mental disability are only allowed to visit the hammam with a responsible, adult accompanying person. This also applies to people with a tendency to seizures and fainting. 
    Children are only allowed on Thursday accompanied by a legal guardian. We do not take care of children and ask the mothers or caregivers to take care of their duty to avoid dangerous situations and to ensure a relaxing atmosphere for all visitors. 
    People with infectious diseases, persons with open wounds or infectious skin rashes as well as persons who are drunk or under the influence of intoxicating means have no access to the Hamam. 
    Animals may not be taken to the hamam. 
    Redeemed entries will not be taken back and can not be charged. Change is to be checked immediately, later complaints are not recognized. 
    All applications are offered by third-party providers and only in combination with the visit to the Hamam. For all applications we ask for telephone or personal appointment, to ensure an individual consultation. We can not respond to requests for appointments made by e-mail. 
  3. Bathing, lingering 
    By paying the visit to the Hamam there is no entitlement to a seat or couch. - Reserving seating and reclining areas with towels, bags or other items is not permitted. If items are parked for reservation purposes, they may be removed by the hammam staff on their own or at the request of visitors. Because the seats in the hammam are not fixed, no appointments can be made without booking an application. 
    Each guest must be aware of the increased accidental risk of accidental bathing caused by wet floor areas. Therefore, special caution should be exercised throughout the hammam and slip-resistant bathing shoes should always be worn. 
    Willful impurities will be charged with a cleaning fee of 30 €. If a bather finds his cabin, the cupboard etc. contaminated, we kindly ask you to inform the staff immediately. 
    Every visitor is obliged to thoroughly clean themselves in the hammam at the beginning of their visit and according to the sauna rules before using the sauna. The hammam is a bath for relaxation and body cleansing. 
    The use of healing earth, Rasulschlamm, colorants, etc. is not permitted for technical reasons. Shaving or hair removal is prohibited in the entire public hammam area, in the main room and all other common rooms, for hygienic and technical reasons. The appropriate service (Agda, hair removal) is offered by our staff. 
    In the hammam, the principles of nudism do not apply. During the visit, it is recommended to wear a towel or bathrobe tied around the body. 
    We ask the visitors to dry themselves after leaving the bathing area. This reduces the risk of slipping, protects the floor (partially parquet) and improves hygiene. 
    In the sauna, the usual sauna rules apply. With regard to the need for rest of all guests is especially in the Schwitzkammern to pay attention to rest.The sauna is a textile-free zone. In the sweat chambers, place a sufficiently large lying and sitting cloth under the whole body (including the feet) to avoid any contamination of the benches. The shoes should not be taken into the sweat chambers. Own infusions must not be brought and used.Traditionally, there are special conditions in the bathing and sweating rooms, such as dim lighting, step benches and different heat sources. These require special care from the guest. 
    Every visitor has to behave in such a way that no one feels bothered by them and the safety and order as well as the cleanliness in the hammam are not endangered. 

    Found objects are kept for a maximum of 6 months. After this period, the lost property will be used. A return of lost or left objects (textiles, valuables, etc.) is generally unfree or against sending a sufficiently stamped return envelope. 
  4. Special provisions 
    The hammam staff exercises the house right against all bathers. Complaints, requests or suggestions are accepted by every employee. 
    It is not allowed
    • To enter the Hamam with street shoes. Shoes are stored in the shoe rack, which is located in the entrance area.
    • Food and drinks, which were not acquired in the Hamam, to consume during the visit. Food and drinks from the hammam offer are not allowed in the
    • Bathrooms but only in the rest rooms and in the outdoor area are consumed.
    • to consume alcoholic drinks in the hammam
    • contaminate the bathing areas
    • Bring fragile items (eg glass, porcelain) into the bathrooms
    • to smoke, except at designated outdoor areas (there is an ashtray)
    • To use mobile phones. Mobile phones are to be switched off.
    • Bring along radio and television sets and musical instruments and use them
    • to photograph and film
    • To distribute advertising material of any kind
    • To carry out collections of money of any kind 
  5. liability 
    Each visitor is liable for any damage caused by misuse, culpable contamination or damage to the Hamam or third parties. The parents or guardians are responsible for any damage caused by children. 
    The contractual liability of the Frauenzentrum Schokoladenfabrik eV for damage incurred during the visit is limited to a total of three times the performance price. The liability of intent and gross negligence is not affected. The limitation of liability to three times the price also applies if the Women's Center is liable for any damage caused to you solely because of a fault of a service provider. 
    For our complementary offers in the sale, such as masks, scrubs, soaps, etc. and any resulting skin irritation no liability is accepted. This disclaimer also applies to any contamination of textiles caused thereby. In case of force majeure and coincidence as well as deficiencies, which occur even with the usual care or are not immediately recognized (eg power failure), the hammam is not liable. 
    The hammam is not liable for performance disturbances, personal injury and property damage in connection with services that are merely provided as external services. 
    The visitors are advised not to take valuables into the bathroom. If visitors still carry valuables with them, they are recommended to deposit them in the individual deposit lockers in the access areas. On the part of the hammam, no guarding and due diligence are carried over for valuables brought along. For the loss or damage of valuables, cash and clothing the hammam is only liable according to the legal regulations. This is also true if they were included in the locker and / or safe. The introduction of money and valuables into a locker cabinet provided by the operator and / or a value compartment does not constitute any obligations of the hamam with respect to the items brought in. In particular, no custody obligations are justified.
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